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Posted on: 02 Jun 2016

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2015 was a year on the BOTANICAL theme: lots of green, both outdoors and indoors. The more plants the better. Hanging on nice plant stands, from plants with large leaves to succulents, as long as they were in profusion.

In 2016, there is more colour in the picture: besides green plants, we also accept plants with flowers. In addition, the generously filled bouquet has regained its place in the home, but in a very natural, unforced way. Not a perfect bouquet, but a collection of flowers that looks like they have just been picked in the garden.

Where we used to make a bouquet with flowers of a single colour, now we fill the vase - or perhaps we should say vases - with diverse flowers and several colours. Soft hues combined with a bold red or green, for example. The romantic feeling of the flower is combined with more vivid elements, which makes the whole look really cool.

But we see the flower trend making a comeback in other areas too. So in fashion, we are seeing abstract as well as very clear flower prints popping up, both for women and men. It is becoming rather bolder and more daring, with an outlier of jungle prints and tropical atmospheres.

Water is given a soft, summery taste with rose petals, elderflower or lavender. By adding ice cubes made from these, your gin and tonic immediately takes on a different taste from the traditional lime or lemon. In teas too, we are seeing the rise of flower blends. Besides the soft, fresh taste, it also creates a bright, summery colour.

Whereas the colour scheme that went with the BOTANICAL trend was simple (a lot of green and earthy shades), in the BLOOM trend it is rather more complicated, but not more difficult as a result. It mainly involves combinations, and not working monotonously. Combining gentle pastel hues with more vivid colours. Or play safe, and use a lot of green with one accent colour.

Karina Soors

Interior designer @ Studio Woot Woot

Karina Soors

Karina Soors is working at Studio Woot Woot, a creative studio in Ghent. Most of her time is spent on interior design, styling, and her own small furniture line and next to all that she works passionately with colours.

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