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Colour explosion!

Posted on: 15 Mar 2016

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Colours are back!

A grey and dark period is – literally – behind us. We called it a crisis and acted accordingly: interiors were grey or had minimalist grey shades. There was very little use of colours.

Fortunately, the first signs of bold colours are beginning to reappear: deep blue and green, sparkling red, warm orange and sunny yellow! Even combining these colours is a great way to generate amazing results. You can also combine them with white to create powerful and fresh interiors, and of course you’re still able to match these colour tones with the grey shades that have been around for years.

We need to become more adventurous and fearless again with our interiors. The world will be a happier place if you start adding these fresh colours to your palette!

© Marie-Gon. Flower pots from Rosenthal - seen on Maison & Objet.

© Marie-Gon

© Marie-Gon

© Marie-Gon


Colour palette

Colour palette made with the NCS Navigator.

Marie Gon

interior designer @ Stijl en Detail

Marie Gon

Marie-Gon interior designer

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