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Decorating a nursery room

Posted on: 05 Oct 2016

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Nothing is more fun than decorating the nursery…
The project isn’t completed yet but the most important ingredients are present.

What are the main elements to create a nursery?
Beautiful colours, playful patterns as well as a few family-owned pieces are undoubtedly a great start!

This accent wall in this nursery has been decorated in a refreshing shade of mint green (NCS S 1015-G). It’s combined with white. The (basic) drawing lines are ready for the wall drawing which still needs to be coloured. What a cute squirrel!
The old family cot is a must-have as well as a lovely sheepskin rug.

Cute, playful, warm and cozy! That’s what we were really going for!

© Marieke Soenen

Marieke Soenen

Interior designer @ Interieur Lito

Marieke Soenen

Interior designer & colour consultant.

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