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Double portrait or colour maze?

Posted on: 19 Jul 2016

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Double portrait or colour maze?
Why not?
Right in the middle of your living room wall: a self-portrait!

Or perhaps not ...
It's something you would like to do, but a photo of yourself and/or your partner ... displayed so prominently! Does a photo print fit into the style of your interior? Perhaps it might look a bit flashy, or an unsuspecting customer or friend might not like it ...

What a dilemma!
Working with this on an unusual interior design assignment was a nice challenge for me.

As a colour expert and consultant, I have not only to consider not only the aesthetic perception but also take account of the psychological effect of colours on people. On the other hand, as a portrait photographer, I find it very challenging to record a powerful, psychological portrait.

An intimate double portrait of the clients (a couple) grew out of the combination of both skills, in which the colours were a reflection of their individual personalities. To find out which personalities were in front of me, and which colours were appropriate to reflect those personalities, I used the scientifically-based colour test by Inez Michiels (www.cityof8.com), which is a combination of genetic semantics and the Big Five personality dimensions.

It resulted in a moving and meaningful range of colours for each of the young people: for her, a combination of warm yellows with a vivid accent in the complementary colour blue (NCS S 1070-Y, NCS S 3050-Y, NCS S 5020-Y70R and NCS S 4550-B, which points to an extrovert, rather flexible and active personality. The colour range is extremely suitable for intellectual activity, and also points to a need for stimulus. The result of the colour test for him reveals a more introverted character. He is a real leader type, with a dynamic nature. He also clearly needs stimulus. His colour range contains the following NCS values: NCS S 4040-R50B, NCS S 3060-R70B, and NCS S 3060-R providing the accent colour.

In terms of form, I opted for a maze, the symbol of the complexity of the human mind. The result was an abstract art work, intended to appear right in the middle of the living room: for their intimate friends, a psychological self-portrait in colour, and for outsiders, a beautiful eye-catching feature of the interior.

© Karin Cleymaet

Colour palette

Colour palette made with the NCS Navigator.

Karin Cleymaet

Colour & Interior advisor @ Kleurpunt

Karin Cleymaet

Karin Cleymaet is a colour and interior advisor, as well as owner at Kleurpunt.

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