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Make interior design advice a game!

Posted on: 16 Feb 2016

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Can you make your advice about colours for an interior into a game? That is what happened during the Winter Warmth event on 27 November 2015 in the showroom of TENDE by Van der Hauwaert in Oudenaarde.

Visitors that evening were welcomed to the showroom with free advice about their dream interior. There was tremendous surprise when they entered to find no classic colour swatches but a gaming table instead. The 'Colour game 64' introduced a totally new experience of combining colours and composing interior colour ranges. As they played the game, the visitors came up with colour harmonies that fitted perfectly with their personality and the functions of the rooms.

How did it work? Using the interactive 'City of 8 colour test', first their personal preferences and requirements were explored. Then the function of the room was decided. Finally, they were asked about all the colours present in the interior, such as flooring, furniture, etc. Based on this data, the game started with a first basic colour.

'City of 8 colour test' and 'Colour Game 64' © Ingrid Van der Hauwaert

The colour game '64', developed by City of 8, is comparable with the familiar game of dominoes, with the domino tiles being replaced by 64 colour shades. These shades are a balanced selection from the colour space, which means that all major colours are represented. The way in which the colours are interconnected is based on the study of meaning, also known as semantics. One can consider a colour as a word, and each series of colours that you lay down with the domino tiles becomes a sentence. These combinations that you form with this game will always tell a story. Each colour is meaningfully connected to six other colours, and you can see that. However, you lay down the tiles, the combinations always feel harmonious.

Refining the domino palettes threaded together into NCS values with the NCS tools. © Ingrid Van der Hauwaert

It was clear that visitors enjoyed threading the domino tiles together. The palettes obtained in this way were refined into precise NCS values via the NCS atlas and swatches. The locations and the quantity of the various palette colours were finally shown on the plans.

Giving soundly-based colour advice at the same time as playing. © Ingrid Van der Hauwaert

In this way, sound colour advice was given in a minimum of time, taking account of individual requirements, the functions of the rooms. On average, this advice could be given in just 20 minutes.

Thanks to Ingrid and Tom Van der Hauwaert for this fascinating evening.

Inez Michiels

Expert design semantics @ City of 8

Inez Michiels

Inez Michiels is an expert in design semantics at City of 8. She is co-founder of the research association Genetic Coding vzw and member of the research group at Artesis-Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. She is an author and international speaker on the subject. In cooperation with Elscolab, she provides training concerning Design Semantics.

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