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A colour study for an office with technical rooms and laboratories.

Posted on: 08 Nov 2017

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The colour study was carried out for an office building with technical rooms and laboratories. The customer asked to choose light and bright colours which can please the majority of users.

It was proposed to the client to work on the basis of a harmony in 4 colours declined in the following way:

  • NCS S 0603-Y40R
  • NCS S 2005-Y40R
  • NCS S 7010-Y70R
  • NCS S 0585-Y40R
  • NCS S 0520-G80Y
  • NCS S 1575-R10B
  • NCS S 2040-B20G

The choice of these colours was also inspired by MIX magazines.
© Julie Heyndrickx.

© Julie Heyndrickx.

For colour distribution within the building, a light and medium colour base connects the different floors (NCS S 0603-Y40R and NCS S 2005-Y40R). For the rest of the colours, we decided to highlight the structure of the building made of metal columns or to play on the offsets present in the various offices.

Indeed, with quite bright colours, it was not necessary to provide them too important presence in the space.

The metal columns of the corridors receive finally a layer of paint with a random game of the 4 selected colours. The same system is applied in laboratories or technical rooms, but with only one colour.

© Julie Heyndrickx.

© Julie Heyndrickx.
At the office level, the NCS S 0585-Y40R was used as a strip to add color in small touches.

© Julie Heyndrickx.

© Julie Heyndrickx.

Colour palette made with the NCS Navigator.

Julie Hendryckx

Interior designer

Julie Hendryckx

Interior designer.

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