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When you long for the cheerful feel of a Mediterranean terrace.

Posted on: 14 Feb 2017

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An interior application of the CITY OF 8 colour test or colour domino chart.

In Oostmalle, there is a well-maintained picturesque house dating from the 19th century, near the Chateau of Renesse. The writer Maria Rosseels lived there from the age of six until she was fifteen. From the typical Kempen parlours, you can enjoy the timeless tranquillity of the fine chateau and the grounds. You don't need much imagination to take your mind back to the time long ago when Maria Rosseels grew up here.

The modern-day occupant asked me to draw up a colour plan for the interior, which would add refreshing optimism, where she would be able to feel good while still respecting the historic elements of the interior.

"Together with Inez Michiels, I chose the colours in my house. First of all, I had to take a colour test which revealed which colours I preferred. Inez also explored what my intentions were for the rooms. I wanted to make the house lighter, and the idea was to exude a cheerful atmosphere."

Choose between two colours in the colour test.

The colour test provides a very quick, fun way of understanding somebody's colour requirements. For the occupant, this was a light, warm yellow (NCS S 0560-Y20R), which indicates an optimistic and curious mind that enjoys being stimulated by her surroundings.

The result colour NCS S 0560-Y20R.

The starting point for the domino colour chart was this sunny colour (see blog 'Make interior design advice a game'). Per colour, six suggestions were made for combining colours for the client to choose from. Ultimately, a strip of colours was produced for each room.

Make a colour strip with the colour domino tiles.

The game allows colours that are semantically related to be combined, enabling creation of an instinctive harmony. What is great about this is that the client has complete control over the choice of the colours. In a playful way, the game guides her towards her own range of colours, which are a reflection of her personality and needs.

"So far, I have given the hallway and the living room a new look. I am really pleased with the result. The hallway makes me think of a Mediterranean terrace, especially when the sun shines in. The living room exudes a warm atmosphere. It gives a calm impression, and the yellow brightens up the whole room."

An ample colour range for the hallway.

As you enter the house through the front door, you are immediately struck by a lively, fresh green-tinged white on the walls (NCS S 0520-G20Y), combined with a gentle orange red (NCS S 0570-Y70R) of the doors and vivid red accents (NCS S 1085-Y90R).

An ample colour range for the living room.

The orange red of the doors (NCS S 0570-Y70R) connects the hallway with the living room, where one wall is painted in the client's personal yellow (NCS S 0560-Y20R). The other walls, in a soft ecru (NCS S 1005-Y20R) fit in with the typical brick chimney breast with heavy oak beams. Yellow window frames and arch linking the living room to the dining room add a cheerful touch.

Result, hallway and living room.

"Together with Inez, I have already picked the colours for the other rooms. I am really curious to see the result, because for me, it is difficult to imagine what it will look like in advance. That is why I am relying on Inez's expertise."

Inez Michiels

Expert design semantics @ City of 8

Inez Michiels

Inez Michiels is an expert in design semantics at City of 8. She is co-founder of the research association Genetic Coding vzw and member of the research group at Artesis-Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. She is an author and international speaker on the subject. In cooperation with Elscolab, she provides training concerning Design Semantics.

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