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Colour   combinations

How do you select colours for your interior and decoration projects? Which colours do you choose for the design of new products? Do you find it a difficult task? Combining colours is actually a fun challenge!


When selecting colours, you can easily prepare by using the chromatic NCS circle that lets you see all the hues at a glance. You can develop some interesting techniques for combining colours.


In need of some inspiration and interested to learn some techniques? Take a look at our workshops.

Tone-on-tone technique

Do you like a harmonious and peaceful interior? Then choose tone-on-tone colour combinations. By using this technique you will realize some nice subtle nuances in the room.You can achieve this by selecting different nuances of a specific hue. When there are pronounced differences between the nuances, this colour combination will certainly attract more attention. You can also select nuances with the same whiteness, blackness or chromaticity of a specific hue. By applying this technique you will create an extraordinary beautiful and sophisticated interior.

Complementary technique

Do you like lively, vivid and powerful colour combinations? Then go for the complementary colour combination. By applying this technique you will strengthen the colours.You can achieve this by selecting colours opposite each other on the chromatic circle. By using these contrasting colour combinations, both colours are strengthened. This results in a lively combination. The complementary technique can be realized with small colour accents, but also with larger areas if you are bold enough to experiment with colours.