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NCS Block

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As a professional, you can easily create original and creative colour combinations  with the NCS Block.


The NCS Block 1950 contains all the 1950 NCS standard colours divided in 9 small pocket-sized colour fan decks. Designers, interior architects, architects and decorators present their moodboard or design with these colour cards, which come in a larger size.


In addition, the NCS colour samples can be fanned out. This makes it easy to present your colour combinations during your colour advice. The NCS Block is also an excellent tool to identify the NCS colours on different materials because you can place the color swatch on the surface.


The NCS Block 1950 is available in 2 versions, sorted by hue or by nuance.  The NCS Block sorted by hue is very popular among designers for use in interior design, interior decoration and architecture. The NCS Block sorted by nuance is mainly used in the creative industry for creations of colour expressions or by the industry for visual colour control.

NCS Block - HueNCS Block - Nuance

  • Dimensions colour samples 35 x 104 mm
  • 2 versions available sorted by hue or by nuance
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