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NCS Colour Scan 2.0

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The NCS COLOUR SCAN 2.0 is a new revolutionary portable instrument to measure colours with a precise accuracy.


NCS Colour ScanThe NCS Colour Scan 2.0 enables you to identify colours very quickly on any surface. This measurement tool immediately gives the closest NCS notation of the selected area. The portable tool displays colour information in a few seconds, for example the conversions to RGB, CMYK, etc. The scanner also shows lightness values and gives the colour location in the various NCS colour collections such as the NCS Index 1950 and the NCS Exterior.


The device has a memory for storing up to 100 colours and allows the user to add text or voice tags to each entry. It suggests similar colours to help you create great combinations.


Are you working in the field on a construction site, or do you receive samples from customers and suppliers, for which you need the NCS notation immediately? Measure these samples using the NCS Colour Scan 2.0 and receive the closest match to a standard NCS colour. Next, you compare the result with the NCS colour samples or with one of the NCS design tools. This will save you a lot of time.



The NCS Colour Scan 2.0 is the perfect tool for architecture and design professionals.


  • Contains Measurement Device, Protective carry pouch, Lanyard wrist strap, Quick Start Guide, USB Cable 1.5M, Application and Documentation CD (incl. Sync Tool software)
  • Memory Capacity 256MB. More than 45 000 reference colours. 100 saved colours each with 30 second voice tag
  • Device dimensions L: 144mm - W: 52mm - H: 40mm.
  • Weight 165 grams (including battery)
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