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Trend Colours

Trends are an important source of inspiration for creations and colour choices for objects and interiors. Mix Magazine provides you with trend colour information two years in advance. These trend colours are discussed and illustrated in detail. Every quarter, we plan to present 2 new trend colours on this website.

NCS S 5020-R80B

There's a certain thrill about uncertainty. Some people fear change, but others see it as an opportunity. In times of crisis and disarray, the need for innovation and change is ever-present. The 'Disrupt' trend embraces these tensions and turns them into something positive.

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NCS S 1050-Y

While the boundaries between the physical and virtual world are becoming blurred, the 'Drift' trend gives us a vision of 'augmented reality', a safe place to explore emotions and empathy. This world offers us a welcome change from our daily routine.

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